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I'd like to take a chance to welcome you to SClubWorld.com. Together this forum consists of a joint effort between the four active S Club related fan sites online. Specifically SClub7.com, RachelStevens.com, Jo-Omeara.com, and HannahSpearritt.net.

You may recall our previous forum endeavors such as 'Rachel Junkie', 'World of Rachel', and 'Club S Club', while that forum had over 20,942 posts with 921 different topics and registered members 355, we found that the forum was extremely outdated, and were unable to safely upgrade it without losing data (which we did not want). The old forums are still available to review at SClub7.org.

We would love for you to rejoin us as we relive the best of S Club 7 and look to the future and whatever it may hold! If you have any questions I encourage you to DM us on Twitter at @SClub7Com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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Soo happy we were able to relaunch the forum, at our brand new home "S Club World"! Hopefully this new place can bring just as much joy and memories as our previous forum did.

welcome back everyone <3
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